Biography & Work

In the artistic wake of his lineage, Alain Churlaud, child of colors, carries within him the heritage of a passion passed down from generation to generation.

This love of painting and art comes from her great-grandmother Marie-Louise. This first prize for porcelain painting in Geneva in the 19th century sowed seeds of creativity and wonder in family potential.

Her daughter Lena (Ninette) particularly loved nature, walks in the mountains and flowers. She reproduced her gardens and flower with oil paint. Over the years, she continued to indulge her passion and put on canvas the bouquets of flowers that she obtained from her daughter Jacqueline. She loved reproducing nature so much.

Jacqueline (Alain’s mother) seems to have always had a pencil in her hand and a small drawing board. She loved details and seeing how to reproduce them. She drew everything she saw in nature that she loved; flowers, insects, landscapes. She designed her house as an echo of Giverny where the blue tiles in the kitchen made the brass placed on the fireplace light up. Chinese vases found their place in the dining room to create a haven of elegance and refinement. As in Giverny, she prepared her flowerbeds in spring in order to have a summer bursting with color.
When Alain left for military service, Jacqueline decided to paint on porcelain, following in the footsteps of her maternal grandmother. Inspired and trained by porcelain masters like Carlos Spina, she was able to experiment with different practices and paint pieces imbued with freshness and fragility until the end of her life.

Martine, daughter of this lineage rooted in art, forges her path through different artistic practices to now devote herself exclusively to painting on porcelain where she brings a very personal, delicate and romantic touch to the line.

Alain, son of Jacqueline, has been immersed in the colors and culture of art since early childhood. In a search for discoveries and emotions, he explores museums and the secrets of creation with his mother. Drawing and painting nature, flowers or objects, everything allowed him to learn perspectives and experiment with different painting practices (watercolor, oil, acrylic).

In the 2000s and for 5 years, Alain followed the painting classes of Marie-Véronique Courcoul in Niort. There he discovered a new perspective, nourished his curiosity, dared to explore and find his artistic path.

Alain’s paintings are most often inspired by something real, nature, an object, a construction, a photo. The mountain is a real source of inspiration as well as his garden and the countryside near his home.

The transition to the canvas does not happen immediately.

First of all, there is astonishment at the surrounding simplicity, an emotion that is received. A story that is being built. A clash of colors, a play of lines, a structure that challenges him then builds, conceptualizes itself.

So, starting from an idea, Alain does deconstruction-reconstruction work. Reconstruction can move as much towards simplification and purification as towards complexity and overload.

Paintings have invariants, components that are always present (or almost). He chose to add sand and sawdust to his work. It’s his way of bringing an additional link to nature in his creations.

The colors are made from pure pigments and a binder. This is matte, satin or glossy. He works with a spatula, brush and/or roller according to his inspiration.

True Cadmium Orange Red is a must-have.

When he paints in his studio, he is surrounded by the music he loves. He finds himself in a pleasant bubble, pleasant and conducive to creativity.

Painting, for him, is a way to slow down, take a step back and be at peace.