We reorganized (most) of the wikis, we need you!

…This post explains in more details what have done on the Community and Techbase, and what belongs where…

So we worked a lot on Community and the structure changed. It’s what I want to write about here.

More details can be found here:

What goes where?

What goes in Community?

You have a KDE project and need a place to coordinate, explain how to build from source or give some code guidelines, please write it under https://community.kde.org/Your_Project and add it (if it’s not already the case) on the front page, where it belongs. This is where the contributors of this project should go to find information about it.

So what goes in Techbase?

In Techbase we thing in term of products. If you have a product that can be build on or extended by third parties (plugins, API, scripting,..) then you should document how to extend it or build on top of it. We are working on a tutorial about this to help you to write this type of documentation. Basically an external developer needs to know how the library work (API), have a high level overview of what can be done (and why), how to troubleshoot or debug when it doesn’t work, how to get help. Of course you can (should?) add a link to you community space to push them to contribute to your project…

You should keep in mind, that this is a reference for people who are not in the KDE community: they are users of your technology. It’s more than possible that your Community space will link to the documentation in Techbase because contributors need this information as well.

What is still to be done?

On our side

Some projects are still hidden in Techbase, and need to be moved to Community. When it’s done we contact you to sort and merge them with your current documentation.

The tutorial section on Techbase is still messy, and we are slowly reorganizing them (see the Guidelines and HOWTOs page). It won’t be all on community! The documentation on, say, how to localize a program with Ki18n definitely belongs to Techbase, whereas how to use git on our infrastructure doesn’t.

We are working with the VDG team to organize cleverly Techbase frontpage

Still some links are red, we are trying to correct that as fast as we can.

On your side:

It really depends on your project and products but overall:

  • Check that your links to the wikis are still up to date in your websites.
  • Maybe take this opportunity to be sure all your documentation is up-to-date? Delete old or irrelevant pages?
  • If you are concerned, add your product to the Techbase front page and begin documenting
  • Tell us if something is missing, should be enhanced or anything else (but with argumentation please… no “Better before, it was” will be accepted 🙂

We really need you for this!

This said, as usual:

Cheers and have fun!

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